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I wonder who you think you are
You damn well think you're God or something
God give life, God taketh it away, not you
I think you are the devil itself

Quote by: Mother of victim of Peter Sutcliffe

Friday, 29 January 2010


I am a desperate man,
I am Desperate Dan

I am a fool in love,
I am a jealous bastard

I am a short temper and a blow to the head,
But I am a coward

I am purity,
I am a pervert

I am honesty,
I am truth

I am deceit an illusion of what I am,
I will show no mercy, I will make it bleed.

I am ruthless,
But I still have my youth

As a poet I will drink their tears,
I will swallow their praise
I will devour their entities
I will bask in their unadulterated adoration

Poet In Infancy

I am Byron's arrogance
I am Hughes' brutality
I am Wordsworth's beauty
I am Hardy's humanity
I am Skelton's faith
I am Spenser's reason
I am Duffy's oppression
I am Keats' romance
I am Tennyson's courage
I am Yeats' patriotism
I am Heaney's militancy
And I am Dylan's rhythm

But, for I am just an infant learning to crawl