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I wonder who you think you are
You damn well think you're God or something
God give life, God taketh it away, not you
I think you are the devil itself

Quote by: Mother of victim of Peter Sutcliffe

Thursday, 15 April 2010


You can't say fuck on Countdown.
There'd be public outrage,
Old biddy's erratically scribbling angry letters due to the picture that couldn't be erased.

You can't say fuck on Countdown.
Society would collapse,
There'd be riots on the streets and the knights would be called to arms.

You can't say fuck on Countdown.
Curse words would lose all meaning,
To say fuck cunt cunt or nigger,
Would be attributed as idle twitter.

You can't say fuck on Countdown,
Its' all down to that bastard Brown's broken Britain.

To say fuck on Countdown is to fuck God.