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I wonder who you think you are
You damn well think you're God or something
God give life, God taketh it away, not you
I think you are the devil itself

Quote by: Mother of victim of Peter Sutcliffe

Monday, 23 November 2009

The Plight of the Jobseeker

Stuck in a queue anticipating judgement.
Waiting in the cold for a tuppence payout.
Dreams were doomed in such a short time.
The loaf is thinly sliced on this non-breadline.

The plight of the jobseeker

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  1. Love the metaphor of a thinly sliced loaf, its exactly how it feels to be on the dole, as if someone is giving you a slice of bread and patting you on the head, and you damn well better be grateful for the patronising ritual of the queue. Soul crushing. An emotion (or slow draining of emotion) that's conveyed really well here.